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About Us

We work with you to establish a path to protect your assets, your legacy, and your future by designing, implementing, and maintaining tailored estate plans.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

"A client recently came to me with a request to help him ensure that his niece received his property upon his death. He had no estate plan. This man was very ill, although not elderly. Facing the seriousness of his illness is what drove him to take action towards organizing his estate. Although I am not a physician, it was apparent that this gentleman was gravely ill. We designed his estate plan, and expedited completion of all documents to ensure his wishes would be carried out without court involvement, or contest. I met this man on a Tuesday, and executed final documents that Saturday. The following Thursday, this relatively young man had passed. It is not unusual that a client will contact me after suffering some illness, as this brings the fact of our mortality to the surface of their attention.

Although I knew this man for a very short time, I was very grateful for the opportunity to help him put his assets in order prior to his passing. It gave me peace of mind to give him peace of mind. Once again, I witnessed the personal relief one realizes upon completing the estate planning process. I have chosen to dedicate my practice to Estate Planning and Administration because it serves a purpose that transcends a mere transaction."

- Joan A. Watters, Attorney at Law

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"I decided to get into estate planning when my father passed away quite unexpectedly, leaving me suddenly in charge of managing all the aspects of his death, including the closing of his business, and distribution of his assets amongst myself and my young siblings. He had not organized his estate at all at this point in his life; there was not even so much as a will to be my guide. And so I learned very quickly how complicated and challenging this sort of thing can be without a plan.

My father loved his children very much, and I know that he would never have wanted to make his passing any more difficult than it already was. That is when I realized how essential a good estate plan is. For the sake of who you love and in respect for assets that you value, a good estate plan is important for you.”

- Katherine Desrochers, Certified Estate Planning Assistant

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About Our Icon

Visalia, CA Estate Planning AttorneyYou may notice the image of a stack of stones cropping up as you browse our site. This stone stack or cairn is the icon of our practice because it is a symbol of guidance to those traveling on a path. Cairns have existed for centuries in just about every corner of the world; constructed by trailblazers to mark the route for the next traveler. The sight of a cairn is an indication that you are on the right path, and that someone has prepared the way.

Your life is a specific journey unique to you, and your estate plan should reflect that. At the law offices of Joan A. Watters, we work with you to provide the guidance you need to design an estate plan that secures your legacy, protects your assets, serves your loved ones, and strengthens the path you have created for your life.

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Located in Visalia CA, Joan A. Watters, Esq. Attorney at Law assists clients throughout the Central Valley of California with various estate planning and elder law. Areas include but are not limited to Visalia, Exeter, Tulare, Hanford, Bakersfield, Lemoore, Three Rivers; and the surrounding counties of Tulare, Kings, and Kern.

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